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Lost loot in the lake? A drone will help!

Using your trusty drone and a pile of notes, pull up underwater loot!

This was originally made for Global Game Jam 2021 on the theme of "Lost and Found". The current version (1.0) is what we had after the deadline with no alterations or fixes made, so expect imperfection.

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    Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
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    Authorliam allen-miller
    Tags3D, Global Game Jam, Relaxing


    Lostover Lake 1.0.rar 30 MB

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    Nicely made game that fits the theme. I enjoyed having to navigate based off of hints. GJ liam and co 

    - from _userName 

    very cute lil game about finding lost treasure at the town lake. i can tell a lot of care and heart went into this game and it really shows with how pleasant it is to play and look at!! the lil sounds and visuals are so cute and really help build the atmosphere of this small town <3