Launch day and version 1.0.2!

Garden Guardian is out! Happy launch day!

We're so overjoyed to see people playing the game! I hope you're having fun with it! While the game is in great shape and things have been pretty smooth, a few things slipped through the cracks! Today we're rolling out version 1.0.2, which addresses the two bugs people have reported so far and smooths out some unclear unlock conditions and awkward unlock criteria;

Garden Guardian 1.0.2

  • Fixed issue where when returning to the Trials menu from gameplay, multiple Trial menu options could appear highlighted at once if the mouse had been left over the space where one would appear.
  • Fixed issue where the Stats menu stars were not being tallied correctly under certain circumstances. 
  • Added functionality to allow unlocks related to Stats menu stars to unlock in real time while viewing the Stats menu (previously, users would have to re-enter the Stats menu).
  • Adjusted unlock condition text for three items in the Art Gallery to provide more clarity;
    • "Surpass one hour of play time" -> "Finish a level after surpassing one hour of play time"
    • "Surpass two hours of play time" -> "Finish a level after surpassing two hours of play time"
    • "Surpass one hour of menu time" -> "Finish a level after surpassing one hour of menu time"

    If you find any issues with the game, feel free to drop me a line at!

    Thanks so much for all your support!

    -Liam Allen-Miller

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